Ready-to-go Sales Office

Ready-to-go Sales OfficeThe initial set-up of your German/EU direct sales organization may present a significant challenge to both,  your P&L as well as your risk profile and management resources. When setting up your German/EU direct sales affiliate in Mannheim, you will be able to address those challenges using the Ready-to-go Sales Office: Just hire your own local sales organization, and focus 100% on customers & taking market share.

The Ready-to-go Sales Office may take care of  the rest, i.e.:

  • regulatory/legal Status of »Inverkehrbringer von Medizinprodukten durch Herstellung oder Einfuhr« acc. to german medical device law MPG
  • customer service / order taking
  • local warehouse
  • order processing
  • consignment stock mngt.
  • shelf life mngt.
  • local recall mngt.
  • invoicing
  • accounts recievables mngt.
  • accounting, forecasting, reporting

The Ready-to-go Sales Office team provides experience in partnering with US medical device companies, and understands your standards of performance, reporting, forecasting, and business code of conduct.

You may be charged for this service according to actual workload/sales. Thus, you’ll be able to keep your dedicated & allocated commercial cost as well as your overhead staff in this critical stage of your business low. Once established in the market, you may either continue in this Ready-to-go Sales Office mode or build your own resources, and transfer this service in a controlled fashion. The Ready-to-go Sales Office is a service offered and operated by angiopro GmbH.