In order to create and maintain an innovation and transfer ecosystem like the one in Mannheim, it is crucial to ensure that all the key participants are on board and playing an active role[GA81] .


University Medical Centre Mannheim



In the University Medical Centre Mannheim, we have a strong clinical player on site. Its openness and willingness to cooperate with local companies make this hospital a great asset for the innovation and transfer ecosystem.

Examples of this cooperation include the INSPIRE Living Lab and the M²OLIE Research Campus.


The buildings of the TMPA round off the concept of the Mannheim Medical Technology Campus and provide up-and-coming companies in the healthcare industry a place to grow in close proximity to clinics and research facilities.

Fraunhofer IPA

Department of Clinical Health Technologies



The department of “Clinical Health Technologies” (formerly the Project Group for Automation in Medicine and Biotechnology) of the Fraunhofer IPA at Heidelberg University’s Faculty of Medicine in Mannheim was set up by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the Fraunhofer Society to tap into the potential for automation in medicine and biotechnology. It is the first known facility with this particular focus. The department is based in CUBEX41 (Mannheim Start-up and Competence Centre for Medical Technology) in the heart of the University Hospital Mannheim and is part of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation in Stuttgart.


The Central Institute for Mental Health is noted for its outstanding international research and pioneering treatment concepts for psychiatry and psychotherapy, child and youth psychiatry, psychosomatics and addiction medicine.

BioRN Network e.V.



Our sister cluster BioRN is an innovation cluster for science and industry, based on the constant interaction between science, industry and government for the production, transfer and application of knowledge in the biosciences.

Heidelberg University Faculty of Medicine



The Faculty of Medicine in Mannheim is one of two independent schools of medicine at the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg. Together with the University Hospital Mannheim, they form the University Medical Centre Mannheim (UMM). The faculty is a recognised partner of major research facilities and currently trains around 1,650 medical students in its successful programme based on the Mannheim Reformed Medical Science Curriculum (MaReCuM).

NEXT Mannheim

The exciting mission of NEXT MANNHEIM as a 100% subsidiary of the city of innovation is to make Mannheim even more attractive to entrepreneurs through many different factors. We are developing our start-up ecosystem in a way that is both interdisciplinary and holistic. Cultural city development and the creative industry go hand in hand with the promotion of Tech and MedTech companies and international start-ups. 

Hochschule Mannheim


Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (HAW) is a modern campus university with an enduring tradition dating back 125 years. The courses offered in the fields of technology, social services and design are noted for their high practical relevance and innovative study concepts. Practical internships, cooperations with companies, the collaboration of the students in research and development projects and the professional experience of the tutors all contribute to the fact that graduates enjoy superb career prospects. Furthermore, the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences is one of the leading German HAWs in technological and engineering research.  

Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Region

“Stronger Together” is the motto and winning formula for cooperation in the Rhein-Neckar region. Verband Region Rhein-Neckar, Verein Zukunft Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar and Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar GmbH represent a single source for regional development work.

Digitale Gesundheit Baden-Württemberg e.V.

The Association “DG-BW Digitale Gesundheit Baden-Württemberg e.V.” remains independent of economic and political interests, instead representing the concerns of everyone involved in the field of digital healthcare in Baden-Württemberg.


"Digitale Gesundheit Baden-Württemberg" strives towards constantly and effectively raising the profile of all activities in this sector. The association sees itself as a networking platform for everyone involved in the field of digital healthcare in Baden-Württemberg.

BioPro Baden-Württemberg

As a state organisation, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg aims to drive forward the transformation of economy and society in order to ensure the long-term success of Baden-Württemberg as a business and healthcare location. Our goal is thus to make an important contribution to the future viability of the state.

Netzwerk Smart Industries

Netzwerk Smart Production currently has over 50 members ranging from innovative start-ups to medium-sized manufacturing companies, research facilities, multipliers and global players from the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region. It combines the cumulative skills of all participants to create an implementation-oriented innovations network. The Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region – a hotbed of innovation!

Green Industries

Mannheim, Heidelberg and the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region are a hotspot for “green industry”! The Green Industry Cluster aims to further support this development and help shape the green industry region.

Social Economy Cluster

The Social Economy Cluster of the Economic Development department of the City of Mannheim is a point of contact for all enterprises and other stakeholders who are keen to solve social challenges. It is geared towards offering free economic and business advice as part of the EXI pre-seed capital funding for social enterprises in Baden-Württemberg.