We connect companies, research and clinics.


The Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster brings together all parties involved in the healthcare industry with the aim of smoothing the way for good ideas to enter the market.


To that end, we connect companies of all sizes with clinics and research facilities. The Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster was set up as part of the 2011 Economic and Structural Development Plan.


Who belongs to the Cluster?

The Cluster comprises over 200 companies ranging from micro enterprises to global corporations and from start-ups to firms dating back over 100 years [Link to list of companies], plus clinics and research facilities [Link to partner page]. Together we create a vibrant transfer and innovation ecosystem for medical technology in Mannheim and the region as a whole.

Are you interested in joining the Cluster? Get in touch with us and complete the contact form.

What is Medical Technology?

Medical technology describes the application of engineering principles and technological innovations to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses. This discipline covers the development of devices, instruments and systems that are used both in clinical settings and in the field of medical research. Regardless of whether the focus is on hardware or software, medical technology aims to optimise the interface between medical practice and scientific findings by providing advanced tools and methods that allow the better understanding, treatment and monitoring of illnesses.

How can I join the Cluster?

If you would like to become part of the Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster, simply get in touch with us. There is no need to pay a fee or submit an application. Instead, we will talk with you to find out how you could benefit from the Cluster and vice versa.