Practice Advisors

The Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster focuses on specific growth segments in disease and technology. Disease areas include cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular system, obesity disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, dental and diseases associated to ageing.
Technology areas are: interventional technologies, neuroengineering, cell- and tissue engineering, imaging, telemedicine, ICT, modelling and simulation, Ambient Assisted Living and in-vitro diagnostics.

Direct access to practice advisors

For every single combination of these healthcare and technology areas, we provide you direct access to practice advisors. These practice advisors are leading clinicians from university- and large teaching hospitals focusing on those growing disease areas, as well as university experts in sciences and engineering specifically focusing on those growing technology areas.  

Our practice advisors can help companies to understand emerging strategic trends and recent developments early on and they can assume a partner or advisor role for product development.

Contact Medical Technology Cluster:

City of Mannheim
Office of Economic Development
Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster
Rathaus E5
D-68159 Mannheim

Dr. Elmar Bourdon
Manager, Medical Technology Cluster