Expert Consultants

The Pilot-Incubator is dedicated to help medical device companies address four critical growth inhibitors in the medical device environment:

  1. Clinical Advisory
  2. Market Access and Health Technology Assessment
  3. Market Research, international Out-Licensing and Continuing Education
  4. Technology Transfer and Public-Private-Academic Collaboration

Eight experienced medical device industry experts provide advisory and consulting services to MedTech start-ups and SMEs across all stages of product R&D and commercialisation a new medical device needs to pass successfully. Start-ups and SMEs may benefit from financial support programs when using these advisory and consulting services.

The coordination of expertconsultants and companies in the MedTech-Incubator is lead by the Manager of the Medical Technology Cluster in close collaboration with the Institute of Medical Technology, Mannheim, and the Fraunhofer Project Group for Automation in Medicine and Biotechnology, Mannheim.